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Clinton Wins 

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Dole's Attack

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Comedy Hour

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Dick Morris 

Share Your Thoughts on the 1996 Election

Bill Clinton  49% (379 Electoral Votes)

The Campaign:

Graceful Loser

The Conventions:

Clinton's Track

The Ads:

Bob Dole's Past

The Primaries:

Gramm and Forbes

"Looking back it's hard to believe Phil Gramm was ever thought to have a chance but I remember many pundits saying he was the likely favorite in 1995." (Posh, Bedford, NH)

"Anyone have more of the Stockdale, Gore, Quayle debate?  There were some wild moments in that one!" (Jorge, Seattle)

Bob Dole 40% (159 Electoral Votes) 

The Debates:

The VP Candidates

The Campaign:

Perot's Return

The Campaign:


The Primaries:

Alan Keyes and the Far Right

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