The Election Wall


The Results:

Reagan Wins 

The Debates:

There You Go Again

The Ads:

The Bear

The Conventions:

The Dream Shall Never Die

The Primaries:

Big Mo

Your Comments on the 1980 Election

Ronald Reagan 51% (489 Electoral Votes)

The Campaign:


The Ads:

Using Ted

The Ads:

Hitting Reagan

The Ads:

Decision Making

The Primaries:


"That Reagan line doesn't seem as killer as it is always remembered today." (Joe R., LA)

"George Bush is crazy hyper in that video. Whoa!" (Joe R. LA)

Jimmy Carter 41% (49 Electoral Votes) 

The Campaign

TV Examined

The Campaign:

The Failed Mission

The Debates:

Are You Better Off?

The Primaries:

I'm Paying for This Microphone

The Primaries:

The First Dole Run

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